Reception: Saturday, August 29th 2015, 3-7pm

Articulum General Store is pleased to present, a solo art reception by Jan McCarthy. Each piece that she paints is inspired by real life visuals, infused with multiple layers of varying materials to create texture and possibility. Jan’s signature style of intuitive painting includes abstracts, figure painting, and landscapes. She uses rich colors to excite the imagination or creates a luxurious blend of white and beige to create a calm escape and thoughtful reflection. The art often tells the untold story of a single thought, simple in its first impression, yet complex when viewed in its entirety.

About the artist: In addition to painting, Jan is the founder of Entrepreneurial Voice and advises entrepreneurs on launching their dream, or growing their business. She facilitates monthly mastermind meetings and teaches business workshops as well as hosts a weekly radio show, “The Life of an Entrepreneur.”
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Enjoy complimentary drinks during the reception.